Lovify - Using Rabbit Vibrators: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Using Lovify Rabbit Vibrators: A Complete Guide For Beginners

If you have ever been in the market to buy a sex toy, you must have heard the term “Rabbit Vibrator.” It is, after all, the most famous and preferred sex toy. It is so popular that it is a separate sex toy category in itself. However, if you have purchased a rabbit vibrator for the first time, here are some tips to help you choose the right one and enjoy it to the fullest.

What makes rabbit vibrators such a great sex toy?



Before we learn about using a rabbit vibrator, it is essential to understand how it works and why it is a great sex toy. Now, there are many different types of sex toys available, and all of them function and stimulate your erogenous zones differently. However, a rabbit vibrator is extremely appealing because it offers blended orgasm through dual stimulation.

A blended orgasm is a combination of vaginal and clitoral orgasm. When a woman experiences the vagina and clitoris simultaneously, it leads to an intense build-up and mind-blowing orgasm. The blended orgasm is so intense it will leave you shaking. It is a rare possibility to have such an intense orgasm without a helping hand, so this is where a rabbit vibrator can assist.

The rabbit vibrator has an insertable shaft and a shorter vibrating armor shape. The shaft penetrates the vagina and can stimulate the g-spot (depending on the shaft curve), while the smaller other vibrating arm stimulates the clitoris. Even though dealers like golovify.com have various types of rabbit vibrators, it can only satisfy you once you know how to use it. So let’s deep dive into it and give you all the information you need.


Using rabbit vibrator alone


When you begin, make sure your new to clean. You can do this by using warm soapy water with a good rinse or using a toy cleaner, rinsing, and air-drying. We also recommend using a lubricant. I’m sure you will be very excited to try out your new toy, and your body will be responding as well. Use a specified lube as some silicone can be relatively “grippy.” Using an excellent water-based or hybrid lubricant will enhance your experience that much more. Remember, never use any silicone-based oil with any silicone toys as it can damage the toys.

Next, start with some external stimulation. Use the ears (if the particular rabbit you chose has some), or use the shaft itself to please your clit, and start with the lowest vibration setting. Gradually increase the settings and build up the sensation. Before inserting the shaft completely in, use it to stimulate your vulva and vaginal opening.


Now finally, insert the shaft entirely and find a motion that works best for you. Change the intensities as per your preference. Also, try thrusting the rabbit vibrator in and out, or rock it sides to side. Some of the newer hi-tech toys have these functions built right in, so it would be a matter of trying out all of the settings until you find your favorite combination.

To enhance the pleasure, try getting into different positions. You can start by lying on your back and gradually turn over on your belly to grind the rabbit ears against your clit. You can even try to please yourself in standing, kneeling, or in a sitting position. If you are interested in exploring your back door, do so as well with your rabbit as long as your rabbit vibrator has an excellent flared base.


Using a rabbit vibrator with a partner

Sex toys can always enhance and spice up sex between couples. To use your rabbit vibrators with your partner, follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Invite your partner to watch you use the rabbit vibrator. It is a super-hot visual.
  • Could you share it with your partner? After all, who wouldn’t enjoy some extra vibration and sensation?
  • Use it externally to stimulate your clit while your partner penetrates you.
  • Let your partner have complete control of the rabbit, and let them tease and reward you the way they want.

Understanding how to use a rabbit vibrator successfully will take some time and practice. Be patient, and don’t be hesitant to try new settings.