Gay Community and Pride Month: How Are They Important For Our Culture

Lovify Gay Community and Pride Month: How Are They Important For Our Culture

Lovify Pride Logo- Be Sexually Free

Lovify continually supporting the sexually free communities. LGBTQ, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Pride Month, is celebrated each year in June to honor the Stonewall Rebellion of 1969 in Manhattan. Stonewall Uprising was a violent response given by members of the gay community to police raids. It was the first noticeable initiative taken by the members of the Gay Liberation Movement in the US.

Lovify loves to celebrate Gay Pride Day, the last Sunday in June, is a critically celebrated day in history. However, with time, the 'day' soon grew into a month-long series of celebrations and events. LGBTQ Pride Month celebrations include parades, picnics, parties, concerts, workshops, and symposia.

Even the shopping malls and eCommerce stores show their support by offering great discounts on fashion accessories and sex toys for pride month. The celebratory month's entire purpose is to identify and respect the impact and contributions of the LGBTQ community towards society. There are many things for which we must thank the LGBTQ Community.

Contribution of the LGBTQ community to the society

All of us know that throughout the 20th Century, the gay and lesbian community's cultural influence has been substantial. However, do you exactly know just how much the LGBTQ community has contributed? Well, here are the top 7 things for which we must thank them.

  1. Linguistic inventions

A cant language, Polari, was spoken in the 1960s by actors, sailors, prostitutes, and the gay community in the 1960s. The language never developed proper grammatical rules, but with the growth of gender equality, some slang terms became popular amongst millennials.

  1. Gay revolution

Sex was already prevalent in the gay community way before the gay movement began. However, having sex for pleasure and not merely for breeding was something new in the productivity-based society of the 1970s. This idea gave birth to a whole modern philosophy of happiness and freedom.

  1. Different forms of social activism

The gay community didn't get their freedom and equality overnight. LGBTQ community fought worldwide for many decades to have equal rights. While they weren't the only ones struggling, their achievement inspired other groups of social activists.

  1. Erotic Pulp Art

When the LGBTQ community was fighting for their sexual freedom, art went through significant changes. LGBTQ editors seized this opportunity and published the very first gay pulp novels. Later, artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring came up with contemplating forms of art that involved nudity and homosexuality.

  1. Dance and Music

There is no doubt about the fact that disco emerged from the 1970s gay nightlight. Gay dancers and Queer DJ sets were the first ones in New York to launch disco parties.

  1. Fashion

The strong connection between the gay community and fashion isn't new for the world. A few years ago, the crossdressers from the gay community motivated the designers to come up with new ideas. Also, to make them recognizable, gay men wore dresses and accessories to differentiate themselves.

  1. The Freedom Flag

Lovify freedom means just that. Be sexually free! Every Pride month Lovify changes their logo to pride colors. The freedom flag or the LGBT flag has changed a lot since the first Gilbert Baker's Design. The original flag has eight colors, each symbolizing something different.

  • Pink – sexuality
  • Red – life
  • Orange – healing
  • Yellow – sunlight
  • Green – nature
  • Turquoise – art
  • indigo – serenity
  • Violet – spirit

Today, the six colors of the freedom flag symbolize sexual freedom and peace.

The incredible pride celebrations of LGBTQ has benefited the world by teaching future generations 'love is love'. Thankfully it is a normal part of our society to allow everyone just to be themselves.